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A group celebrating the often amazing alicorns (a pony with wings and a horn) from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Celestia and Luna, as well as Nightmare Moon feature prominently, but we also love alicorn versions of other characters from the show as well as OC alicorns! We accept only good art :D
Founded 5 Years ago
Jul 18, 2011


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2,054 Members
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My Little Alicorn!

My Little Alicorn is a new group devoted to the awesome alicorns from My Little Pony!

What's an Alicorn?

An alicorn is a pony with both wings *and* a horn. In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, there are only 3 alicorns--Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance... however, here on the internet, almost every single character has an alicorn version that's been drawn by someone! We here are My Little Alicorn are here to collect the most awesome of these images together for your viewing enjoyment.

So, just Luna, Celestia and Cadance?

Nope! *All* alicorns are welcome here... especially the unusual ones--Alicorn pinkie pie, anyone? :)

We do also accept ponies drawn in original styles and older My Little Pony styles, but Friendship is Magic is what we prefer around these parts. :)

What about Chrysalis? She's got wings and a horn too!

That's true! But The Changeling Queen and her minions also have no less than three groups devoted JUST to them. SO in the interests of not swarming (teehee) everyone with Changeling pictures, we are not allowing them into My Little Alicorn.

But I LIKE Changelings!

So do we! :D But if you're really wanting some awesome Changeling deviations, how about checking out one of these other fine groups?


Do you have a changeling oriented group that's not listed here? Send us and note and we'll list you!

Cool! Can I join?

Sure! Though if you just want to see awesome alicorn pictures, you can just watch us instead. Joining the group, however, will allow you to submit art that you find around Deviantart, or that you draw yourself!

Oooh! I can draw! Now what?

Submit! Just keep in mind that we would prefer to have higher quality images and things drawn on lined paper or are, well, awkwardly drawn might be rejected. We want awesome, amazing awe-inspiring alicorns here, after all!

Whhhhhy isn't my faaaavorite picture here? It's awwwwwwwesome, whhhhhy don't you liiiiiiike it?

Stop whining, we--

Whining? That is NOT whining. That is complaining. THIS is whi--

Okay, okay. We're not omnipotent! :icondiscord-plz: If there's a picture of an alicorn you love, please submit it! The administration is often busy and doesn't have time to go looking around for art anymore--we rely 100% on our users submitting art to us! So.. submit away!

How good do I have to be?

I hate this question. :( it's so hard to define pictures as good or bad, and hard to come up with a spoken rule that doesn't have exceptions... That said... There are exceptions to every rule! The only thing you have to lose by submitting a picture, is a few moments of your time. :) You're always welcome to ask why you were rejected, if you were.

That said, here are the "rules":

* Don't use MS Paint or Muro! It can produce some amazing artwork. Most often, though, it produces shoddy line art, colored with paint bucket, full of 'stray' white pixels where the bucket didn't reach. Really. if you're serious about drawing good art, go download paint tool sai, or the gimp, or a similar program ♥ Learn how to use layers. Stray white pixels will almost always get your submission rejected. They're incredibly distracting :( Muro, likewise, can be an AWESOME tool, but often, not. You're welcome to submit both Muro and MSpaint pictures, but please understand if we do not judge them to our quality standards....

* Don't submit mature, violent, or offensive art. There are groups for that, but here is not the place for it.

* Don't submit art that uses offensive or sexual wording in your comic, picture, description or devitation name.

* Don't submit photos of drawings. It's possible to take a well exposed accurate photo of a drawing, but most of them turn out grainy, with big shadows, etc. It also distracts from the drawing itself.

* Don't draw on lined paper D: It makes me cry.

* Don't submit works in progress! Finished work only please! :)

* This means no sketches! While not every picture must be inked, scanned, and colored to be 'complete', most sketches are covered with obnoxious dark lines that obscure the picture itself. If you have a very 'neat' or well done sketch, you are welcome to submit, but, again, please don't be offended if we reject your sketch because we disagree that it is My Little Alicorn quality :)

* No Pony Creator art. Really, it doesn't take much taken to poke some buttons and set some colors... While the pony creator is awesome, it's not what we want to see in out submissions folder unless they are somehow extraordinarily remarkable and modified. :)

* No recolor/traces. Not from other people's art, and not from the show. If your Dawn Twinkle looks like Twilight Sparkle but with red and orange instead of blue and purple, but with Dash's wings? we're probably not interested...

* Do try to submit art that is accurate to the "idea' of pony styles. Well colored (crayon generally is not 'well colored' but there are exceptions to every rule), well assembled, and visually engaging.

We don't have ultra high standards here... but we can't accept every piece of art that comes through our door... :) I'll often try to explain why a drawing is rejected -- but if I don't, you're always welcome to ask.
Alright everypony!

I've spent the last week thinking about this...  You guys were pretty split on if Changelings should or should not count in the group...

Very literally split.  I counted 11 for, 11 again and 5 who weren't sure.  

But in light of the fact that there are a LOT of Changeling groups out there, we've decided to disallow changelings in their changeling form from the group.  

Changelings pretending to be alicorns will be allowed of course :)

In light of this, here are some of the biggest Chalgeling clubs I found, just in case any of you are sorely missing them from here....


I hope this will make everypony happy :D

ADDITIONALLY!  I would like to add something...

My Little Alicorn is run entirely off of submissions from it's users.  I don't have the time to go digging through the deviation stacks for hidden treasure... which is why  I'm asking you guys to submit things.  If you find a pretty picture of an alicorn, submit it!  we appreciate it and you'll help gain that artist a little more recognition in the process. :)  Everyone wins!  

All you've got to do is go to the right side of a deviation, and find where it says "Featured in Groups" then scroll down to where it says "+ Submit to a Group".  Click on that, then there's a selector button thing that says "recent group" and "Type a group name"...  ..The first time, you'll probably have to go to  'type a group name' then enter 'my-little-alicorn', select the stable and hit submit!  but after that, it may show up on your 'recent groups' list. :)

Alternatively, you can fave a whole bunch of Alicorn artworks, then come to My Little Alicorn's gallery, and find the button in the top right that says "submit to this gallery".  Select "contribute an existing deviation", then click upon 'Your favorites' at the top  and select the relevant arts in the interface, and hit submit :)  SIMPLE :D

Thank you all for everything! :D
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Might want to edit your "What is an alicorn?" in your FAQ.
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how is everything going?
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